2.5 Texts

This lesson enforced my way of thinking about texts, for I never really saw texts as the center of religions. For me texts did not really explain what a religion was, it was more of a story that they followed or helped them in their daily life. For example the Bible didn’t teach me what being a Christian was at all, it showed me more of the “teachings” that they followed. Also texts shouldn’t just be the focus of religious studies because every religion interprets their texts and books differently. Just as Jews and Christians which have the same Bible see it and interpret it differently. Some religions focus their beliefs and traditions through practice instead of just the readings. Something that did surprise me while reading about this lesson was that Jews and Christians while having the same text they both see it completely different. I thought that Jews and Christians would see it somewhat the same just; however, Jews see it more of a way to live their life as good Jews instead of focusing on ‘Jesus and salvation’.


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