In this lesson I learned how serious Islamophobia really is and how bad it is getting. Before this lesson I did know about discriminating acts towards Muslim people; however, I had never really put myself in their place or even tried too, again since it had never happened to me I had never experienced it. After reading the articles it is sad knowing that some individuals believe that Islam is not even a religion and it is used for “political power”. I find it amusing how we live in such a “free” and “modernized” country, yet we have problems as these where religions are not seen as equal. I also find it very disturbing how people think that Muslims are dangerous and that their religion is based on “violent acts”. What amazed me the most was how people view niqabs as a sign of weakness and submissiveness, when in reality women who wear them choose to wear them for themselves and for their beliefs, not for others to judge.


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