Pop Culture and Religion 2.1

This lesson really reminded me that pop culture and religion have many interactions with one another. The first thing in mind that came to my head while thinking of examples was of course Christian Pop music and how it tries to stay relevant with younger generations that follow Christianity. In my personal experience I have never really been into Christian music, however I do know some major songs that I never really considered “religious” until now when I completely listen to the lyrics.

Another example that I could think of was the movies from Veggie Tales, growing up and going to a Catholic school we would watch these movies all the time, especially when we started reading and learning about the bible. Veggie Tales was I believe the hit for kids in my school because it would show stories from the bible in a more PG version and at the same time it would be entertaining for the as well.

I think that pop culture and religion do share many things and influence each other a lot, however just how we listened to the first podcast pop culture really does have negative impacts towards how people see certain religions because since its “popular” it is shared with many and those who have not really studied or were open into learning more about religion will believe everything popular culture shares.


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