Before this lesson I had always seen race as one thing which was based on how people see race as a group that share the same skin color; however, it was very interesting to me that race wasn’t the same before and how it was more of the set of a group in a household. I think its very interesting seeing how race changed a lot and how now it is very impactful on religion as well. What I already knew already about race was how people saw it more as a “powerful” privilege for people of certain skin colors (light complected from Europe) which for some reason made them believe that they were the “superior” ones and also the ones with power. Something that I liked that Nye said was, “race and racism are structural and systemic issues,” this reminded me that race and racism was something made up, and sadly it is something that because of discrimination is still a thing. (or not even a thing in reality like Nye said) Something that still is unclear for me is why do religions let race affect how its practiced and who can and who can’t, I understand that many times its for power and to oppress certain events, however at the end of the day we’re all biologically the same, why do people think that by being a different skin tone matters?


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