Sex and Religion

After reading more about this lesson I have come to the conclusion that sexual acts, purity acts, and everything that comes with it are just a sign of power. Something that I have always asked myself while growing up in a Catholic family was who invented this, like why is being homosexual a threat and considered a “sin” to this religion. I now understand a little bit more about it and how it has been mostly about power. Something that fascinated me was that men had it worse when it came to being in a same-sex relationship. When it came to this topic I expected both to be seen the same, however, I was wrong men could be proscribed a penance for a year when women only had 160 days. Another thing that fascinated me also was that sodomy was viewed as something so bad that people deserved death. When you think about it today, it is something that happens so much in relationships I would have never thought that the people doing it deserved death.


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