World Religions 1.4

This lesson has been the most confusing to me so far. After the past lesson I thought I was beginning to understand much more about how problematic major religions could be, however with this lesson 1.4 I am sure that there is more to learn. I am triggered at how much it matters to be part of the “World Religions” and how big of an impact it actually has when living in countries such as the U.S. because it is not just about the religion but at how much power it is given to. When it comes to being part of or being recognized as a World Religion, it is accepted to follow traditions and beliefs; nonetheless, when your religion is not really part of that list then it is not recognized and hard to defend because again this is also connected to how much power the religion that someone follows might have. The idea of World Religion comes from the West, and it may seem as a good idea but is it really?

World Religions doesn’t really recognize all the big religions as, for example, the Sikhism which is ranked the fifth in most followers and believers isn’t even in the list of World Religions. This I believe is what confused me the most, for if you claim a certain list for “World Religions” shouldn’t the biggest ones be there? Not just the popular ones with most power?

Another thing that I am still trying to comprehend is how traditions and cultures have been adapted and come hand in hand with religion. An example is how Native Americans couldn’t practice their traditional dances until they had claimed that it was part of their religion without even really knowing the term “religion.” And now after so many years that have passed by it is actually claimed to be part of their religion.

This lesson to me still is a little confusing, but I am excited to keep learning more about how complex and diverse religion truly is.


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